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National River Tours

June 23 2012 – Upon moving to NoVA my roommate stumbled upon a ticket deal for the National River (boat) Tours. With summer moving in and the temperatures suddenly getting hotter and hotter (record breaking, even!) we felt it would be the best if we used our tour tickets before it was really hot all the time.

So, after going to Arlington we headed over to Georgetown – another location which I’ll ramble about at some point in time – and waited to catch a boat for the National River Tours.

With the temperatures in the 90’s and climbing, being on the Potomac river was a relief. While locals wrinkle their noses at the water conditions of the Potomac being near that water gave a temporary relief from the heat. There is only one boat, to my knowledge, which does rounds of taking people out and returning to pick up more passengers and our tour guide was amusing and informative.

We were lead down the river, surpassing well known locations such as the Watergate Building, the Kennedy Center, the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, the Memorial Bridge and Jefferson Memorial and finally – the Pentagon.

All the while our wonderful tour guide gave us details about each of the buildings we witnessed and random historic tid bits about what had occurred in that location. Now, a personal bit of information: I’ve been to DC many times before moving to the area. I’m familiar with its history and know a good deal about the memorials already but I came away with information I hadn’t known before.

While there are many other boat tours offered for the Potomac river but I truly enjoyed this trip and would gladly take it again. Check out the Georgetown Waterfront and you’ll see the countless signs for tours if you’re interested.

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2 thoughts on “National River Tours

  1. I love your blog!! It makes me want to visit America so much!

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