Abscond to Wander

The Library of Congress

April 17, 2012 – I moved to NoVA just as the warmth of spring was getting a firm hold on the world. With no job I wanted a chance to explore Washington, DC as only a tourist could – no job to worry about (for that day) with my camera in hand I set off to explore what I could of DC. Specifically, I wanted to see what I hadn’t seen before. This brought me to the Library of Congress, a location I had never seen before and in fact had to refer to my map application on my phone to find (a fact that I hate to admit).

Stumbling upon the building of the library I stood back and smiled; I had finally made it to one of the many buildings I had forever heard of but knew little about. Climbing the steps to the building I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but once I entered the building I was blown away.

I have been lucky enough (in my opinion) to see many different museums and sites within America but never before had I been so blown away that I was completely speechless. My jaw was left hanging and my eyes were cast to the sky.

I turned down getting a library card or going on a tour; I wandered the halls on my own and peeked down halls that had little signs warning me not to enter. The library had Thomas Jefferson’s library. Spiraling glass bookshelves that had the multiple volumes of his books (or reproductions). All were so aged, so perfect, that again I was blown away. Someone who I had heard about since I was a child and know had a great standing in America’s history owned all of these books – he was a bibliophile like myself.

The Library of Congress has various events and exhibits through out the year. My personal favorite is the National Book Festival which is held in September (I’ll hopefully be making my second appearance there this year). But, if anything, I want to return to this building of knowledge if only to gaze at its halls.

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